Liquid Flavours

CSFF offers complete range of liquid flavours from traditional vanilla profile to roasted notes. Our flavours are designed to performance in all the application media.

Impurity , head space oxygen , elevated temperature storage. Can influence flavour stability. Our flavours are tailored keeping in mind these parameters.


Flavour Emulsions

prepared from blending and homogenisation of food colour , flavour and ingredients. Making it highly viscous and giving desired colour consultancy.

Our emulsions give a desired degree of cloud & flavour to your drink.


Powder Flavours

Our powder flavours finds application in instant drink mixes, pharmaceutical, seasonings and many more.

Our dry mix range of dry mix powder flavour are alternative to liquid flavours for ease of handing and a low cost substitute to encapsulated flavour.


Micro Encapsulated Flavour

We have mastered the technology of capturing the essence of flavour component within another material. This prevents oxidation and volatization of flavour component , thereby increasing the shelf life of the products.

Our products finds application in :

  • Soups
  • Beverages/instant drinks
  • Candies
  • Chewing Gums/ Mouth Freshners

CSFF encapsule Advantages :

  • Protects the core material from the outside environment.
  • Decreases the evaporation of volatile in to the environment
  • Allows controlled release of Flavours

Bakery Flavours:

Bakery flavors are a cornerstone of our business. For bakery applications, bake-stable flavours to support your flavor needs. We offer a complete line of bakery flavors created for use in Biscuits, Cakes, muffins and many more.

Confectionery Flavours:

With the use of natures true aromas as a guide to our creations and develop specialty flavours for all confectionary applications.Our creative development team having knowledge of the techniques needed to create the right intensity of flavour enable us in providing custom solutions that will differentiate your brand in the market.

Dairy Flavours:

CSFF offers customized solution to your product offering better mouth feel, texture and appearance. Our expertise in food and flavor interaction makes it easy for you to create flavours with unmatched taste and satisfaction.

Beverages Flavour

We are engaged in supplying different varieties of flavours and emulsions for Beverages. Our enhanced facilities and team of dedicated personal take extreme care to develop new beverages which work as a pure refresher.

Pharma Flavour

With belief that flavours are a corrective for Pharmaceutical Products.Depending on the consistency and sensory analysis we offer fruity, spicy, mint flavours and we will work with you to harmonize the flavour type as every Product is unique.

Savoury Flavour

From roasted chicken to grilled beef ,our professional expertise in meat, poultry, soups and snacks enables us to provide a vast array of mouth watering flavour profile to fulfil the needs of savoury world.

We constantly work with ingredient suppliers across the globe to creat new                                                           savoury sensations.