Personal Care & Home care products:

From tradition citrus profile to in trend floral aroma we provide all. With a number of non disclosure agreements with top manufacturers of detergents, fabric softeners, floor cleaners etc, we can assure you that our products will mask every possible unpleasant smell of the product base.

The secret to our success is attributed to the simple fact that stability of the product in these complex bases will give excellent fragrance delivery at the end media

Our fragrance finds its end application in:

Cosmetic & Toiletries Fragrances

We keep our self updated with the global trend of the customers and there requirement for exclusive fragrances in Hair care, Skin care, deodorants and antiperspirant products which in a part of every individual daily needs. Our fragrances have been designed to hover around long after you use them, fascinating all around you.

Our fragrances are an essential part of:

Air Care Fragrances

A range of aesthetically pleasing fragrances for incense sticks, candles, room spray and all other air care products. Our range of incense stick fragrances are appreciated for their exquisite and long lasting fragrances thereby creating mood of serenity, tranquility and concentration of mind.
Our fragrance finds its end application in: