Welcome To CSFF

CSFF is an independent Flavor & Fragrance house that designs and supplies specialty Flavors, Fragrances and Aroma chemicals. We are headquartered in Mumbai (India) with a manufacturing facility in Aurangabad & Vapi-India. We are also working with a number of strategic geographic partners to improve and expand our reach to cater to global markets.

With a wide range of specialized products, we have the capability in developing and manufacturing a variety of products to meet our clients' individual profiles, end applications and project needs. Our products are now a key component in the world's spectrum of flavors' and fragrances.

At CSFF we have mastered the technique to create the right formulation for our complete range of end use products, be it your signature fragrance anything else.

Why Us

With an extensive portfolio of creative fragrances and innovative taste solutions to satisfy the need of our customers, we are committed to excellence.

We are constantly working on upgrading our knowledge as well as our technology to meet the challenges of the ever growing needs of our customers.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to our customers and distributors alike.